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Our tile installation company is locally owned and operated, based out of San Diego CA and servicing a 35 mile radius. 

​We employ a crew of talented installers, with great attention to detail, process oriented and experienced tile layers. Our main focus is working closely with homeowners in the San Diego area to improve their quality of home life by specializing in tile installation for all areas of the home. 

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    Tile Installers San Diego CA

    There are many choices for consumers when it comes to tile installers,  that is why we work hard to show our customers that by choosing us, they are choosing a dependable, honest, reliable installers that have a long range of experience with all aspects of laying tile. We work with our customers to bring about the look that they are striving for, helping them achieve their goals and keeping within budget. Happy customers will lead to referrals and more business. So keeping our customers happy by installing tile the best way we know how is key!

    Call our tile company today if you are looking for expert tile installation in the San Deigo area. You will not be disappointed! Great service and great prices.

    Tile Installers San Diego CA

    Our Variety of Tile Services

    We offer every service available when it comes to tile crafting in homes. We provide removal, which is optimal for chipped or broken tiles, complete flooring, bathroom tile, backsplash installation in San Diego and more. Explore each of our services below: ​

    Tile Removal

    Tile removal is where many people begin their journey with reflooring. San Diego Tile Install Experts offers a clean and dust-free removal of tile flooring. With us, you can ensure that the removal is complete and will leave your home ready for its new flooring whether that be a new laying of tile, carpet or wood.

    Tile removal is not something that any homeowner should try to do on their own. Aside from needing specific tools and equipment, the demolition goes through careful steps to ensure there’s no damage to your home in the process.

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    Tile Installation

    Tile installation in San Diego CA is arduous work that requires multiple hours leaning, and kneeling. We hire staff that knows how to work efficiently, and with high levels of accuracy — carefully measuring and cutting through the laying process before anything is put into its permanent place.  Our tile installation services are unmatched throughout the San Diego area when it comes to quality and efficiency.

    tile backsplash installation san diego


    Floor Tile Setting

    Tile flooring is the most durable flooring option available for residences. When installed correctly, tile flooring can be the only permanent flooring solution in any home. It’s durable, low-maintenance and among the least expensive flooring options for homeowners.  We provide floor tile throughout the San Diego area so that homeowners can enjoy the many benefits of this type of flooring, such as a boost in resale value and improved air quality.

    Installing tile floors requires extreme attention to detail, and at San Diego Tile Install Experts, we ensure every customer nothing but professional results. Homeowners everywhere are choosing tile flooring as an option to improve the air quality in their home and up the resale value of their house.  Tile floor installation is a process that can take multiple days, but the trade-off is unmistakable. We work quickly while keeping measurements exact so that any home we work in can benefit from a tile floor. In San Diego, homeowners particularly enjoy that tile flooring helps to reduce air conditioning bills as it keeps houses cooler in the summer. ​

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    Bathroom Tiles

    Unlike laminate or wood, bathroom tile won’t hold moisture and is a step to protecting your home from the dangers that can come with the high humidity levels that are common in bathrooms.  Current trends in the home design and renovation include giving bathrooms floor to ceiling tile wall treatment.

    A growing trend in the bathroom's throughout San Diego is a fully tiled bathroom. Tile on bathroom floors can make it easy to clean up pools of water, and there's no risk of damage to the floor from water or humidity either.  Bathroom tile now includes tiled walls, a tile backsplash behind vanities or counters and even fully tiled showers. High end tile creates a dramatic and expensive look & luxury feel. Completely renovated bathrooms with beautiful tile can give any bathroom a luxurious spa feel.

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    Kitchen Tiles

    There are few other rooms in any home that should be kept as clean as a kitchen. Kitchen tile flooring can make it a breeze to clean, and many people prefer it to laminate or wood flooring because it simply looks cleaner. We offer kitchen tiling services that include floor tile, counter tile, and backsplash installation. Homeowners that choose tile in their kitchen typically site the need for a sanitary cooking space and an easy cleaning surface as their primary reasons behind their decision.

    tile backsplash installation san diego

    Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

    Kitchen backsplashes are extensions of the counter that protect the wall from water and anything else that might unintentionally get splashed around the kitchen.  Kitchen backsplash tile in San Diego can make your kitchen a safer cooking environment.  Fundamentally, a kitchen backsplash should be tile because it offers the most protection for your kitchen walls. Splashes from stirring food or a little too much flair behind the stove can leave unprotected walls stained and subject to holding onto bacteria.

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    Shower Tiles

    The pros best handle shower tile installation. Call professional tiling services to handle this job. At Tile Install Experts we know how to work with standardly wet conditions and know which tile is best for your shower.  We understand that your shower may call for a few different types of tile. For example, we may advise a slip-resistant tile for the flooring and a complimentary glass or stone tile for the walls. Accent tile for a niche looks beautiful as well. We work with many homeowners to create their dream shower!

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    Our Local Tile Setting Company

    Tiling is a hard process, and tile installation is not an easy, weekend, do-it-yourself job. Call a professional company to handle any of your tile installation needs.

    San Diego's Tile Install Experts is the locally owned and operated tile installation company in the San Diego area. We offer clean work and guarantee professional results.

    With our years of experience working with bathrooms, kitchens, flooring and more. Our staff are highly trained and work with only the proper techniques. Are you looking up "tile installation near me"? Our San Diego Tile Installation company is local and uses all types of materials and works with only high-quality tile. ​ We look forward to hearing from you and providing top-notch tile installation services for you!

    Our Process

    Tile Repair Service San Diego

    ​Very few homeowners start and finish the tile installation process on their own. This project is not a standard do-it-yourself project as it can take days to complete and requires a keen eye for detail, and a knowledge of the materials.  Our staff work with diligence to ensuring the highest-quality results and have gone through the installation process so many times its nearly second nature. We understand that homeowners need their house back as soon as possible, and want the job done right. We deliver every time with these tried and true steps! ​

    Step 1: Preparation

    If there is flooring in place, such as previous tile or carpeting, then removal is necessary. Once the subfloor is available, the existing surface must go through a few preparations before anyone can start measuring or laying tile.

    First, the surface needs to be free of any debris and can't have any imperfections. We solve faults using a waterproof patching compound, and in some cases will need to install a subfloor to ensure that it's at least 1.5-inches thick. After we resolve any imperfections in the subfloor, we make sure the surface is completely clean.

    Step 2: Layout

    After the floor is clean and as perfect as possible, we'll get to work laying the floor. Most people refer to the entire installation process as ‘laying' tile, but it's only one of the many steps.  To layout the tile, our team carefully measures the tile out, cutting squares to fit the room perfectly. We ensure that we don't use the center of tiles after cutting as the manufacturer's edges have more reinforcement, are more durable and generally look cleaner.  Although our staff has years of professional tile experience, we still snap chalk lines to keep consistent 90-degree angles at each intersection.

    The layout process is one of the most manual steps as it’s a constant job of surveying the layout to ensure that everything is consistent. It’s also the last opportunity for us to spot any mistakes without having to remove tiles later.

    Step 3: Mortar Mixing

    We mix our mortar in moderate batches to match the amount of work our team can accomplish in any thirty-minute stretch. As we're mixing mortar, we take great care to ensure the strength is appropriate for the type of tile and consistent across the entire project.

    Step 4: Apply the Mortar

    Applying the mortar, like nearly every other step of tiling, leaves no room for error. The mortar mixture must go against the flat side of the trowel, and then using the notched trowel, apply at specifically a 45-degree angle. The mortar must be uniform. The mortar height must be consistent across the entire project.

    Step 5: Installation

    Finally, the tile is going down against the subfloor and creating the new floor of the home. Pressing down into the freshly spread mortar, the tile requires a slight twist motion and slight pressure application.  We install each tile with care to guarantee that the results are outstanding every time. After installation, we let the mortar dry for at least 24 hours.

    Step 6: Grout Tiles

    When grouting the tile, the consistency should be smooth but thick. Grout mixing requires a bit more attention that mixing the mortar as the final color will be visible to anyone who enters the home.  When mixing the grout, the pigment must be consistent throughout the project, and it must be made in small batches. The more care put into grouting the tiles, the easer the cleanup and overall the cleaner the tile will look upon completion.

    Step 7: Sealant

    Some consider this step optional; however, about 72 hours after applying and cleaning up the grout, we seal the grout. Sealant reduces the likelihood of water to seep under the tile over time and can help keep the color of the grout even as it ages. ​

    Types of Tile

    There are many different types of tile available, and we can work with any homeowner to find the tile that will best suit their needs. Selecting the right tile can be overwhelming, but we can help give tips and advice on the various types of materials used for different spaces in your home, and what would be best suited. Based on your budget you can opt for some great durable types of tile, as well as some higher-end decorative tile. These types of tile below are the most common that we have worked with.

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    Saltillo Tile

    This beautiful Mexican tile has a quality that is rustic, traditional, and has a hand-crafted timeless look that many homeowners in Southern California love. We work with saltillo tile a lot, and have installed countless square feet of living spaces, entryways, kitchens, and more with the warm colors of saltillo tile.

    - Ceramic Tile

    Without a doubt, ceramic tile is the most popular type of tile when it comes to tile flooring. It’s available in a massive range of sizes, colors, patterns and event different textures and shapes.  Ceramic tiles come from clay materials. Concerning non-porcelain tile, they are one of the most economical tiling options.

    The pros of ceramic tile include that It’s reasonably priced, durable and low-maintenance. The only downside to ceramic tile is that it’s not as resistant to water as porcelain tile.

    - Porcelain Tile

    Porcelain tiles are technically a type of ceramic tile, but they’re slightly more expensive. In exchange for a higher price tag, they have far fewer impurities, are denser, and even less porous.  We typically prefer porcelain tiles when homeowners want something that is completely water resistant and more durable.

    - Quartzite

    A durable and non-slip option that is wonderful for shower and bathroom floors. Quartzite is also a great option for driveways and pathways around swimming pools. When crystallized and sealed, Quartzite can look like marble.

    - Glass Tile

    Glass tile can make a room appear larger and keep rooms brighter. It’s notoriously versatile and usually stars in kitchen backsplashes, and shower walls.

    Glass tiles are easy to shape, and they finish marvelously. There’s never a dull sheen to glass tile making it a great choice for smaller rooms.

    - Travertine Tile

    Travertine comes in waves of popularity because of the natural element it brings into any home. As a naturally porous stone, it's not ideal for kitchens. However, it can recreate a spa environment in any bathroom. Travertine is limestone which occurs naturally near hot springs and in caves. The texture comes from organic matter and air bubbles, this is one of the most durable types of tile.

    - Stone Tile

    Stone tiles are increasing in popularity, and we see their use expand in the San Diego area. Although there are only a few different textures available in the marketplace, there are a wide variety of natural hues including off-whites, blues, greens, and even red. Stone tiles do require more maintenance and are not water resistant.

    - Slate Tile

    Slate tile is a metamorphic rock collected and then cut into shape. The color palettes are always deep and rich but typically range between bark blues and greens, but occasionally feature a red, copper, black or tan appearance.  As a fine-grained tile option, it's great for both indoor and outdoor use. We see slate tile appear in bathrooms as well as around fireplaces!

    - Marble Tile

    Marble tiles are exceptionally durable and available in a wide range of colors. Marble can be finished, honed, tumbled, polished or even brushed to achieve more unique textures and appearances. Marble shines through as a versatile flooring option for any room.