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Bathroom Tile Installation San Diego california

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    Services for Installing Shower Tile San Diego

    We know that your shower is a great opportunity for creating a truly relaxing experience. Bathtubs are losing their flair, and people are opting for spa-styled showers instead.  

    ​At San Diego Tile Install Experts​ we tile showers all across the San Diego area, and we have seen some truly amazing results. As part of the shower tile installation process, we aim to completely waterproof the shower while creating a pattern that is visually enticing and fits the feel of the home.

    The process does take a few days as we must strip the shower down to the studs, possibly remove the basin, install a vapor barrier and a cement board backer. The cement board is like a pre-drywall and provide more stability. Then we lay drywall and prime the surface. After all this preparation we can get to work laying the tile.

    Different patterns are available with ceramic tiles as you can work with a nearly limitless variety of shapes, and designs. Many people are showcasing glass tile in their showers to enhance the quality of light and make the whole bathroom look larger.

    This long process has a huge payoff though as there’s nothing quite as stunning in a bathroom as a fully tiled shower. ​

    Custom Shower Tile Installation San Diego

    Luxury lives in custom design. We help homeowners design the showers of their dreams. San Diego Tile Install Experts guides homeowners through the design process from choosing the right types of tile to use in different sections of the shower and even identifying design possibilities that will fit into the overarching feel of the home.

    A hot trend in interior design that makes a huge difference in small daily tasks such as showering or simply getting ready for the day. Custom shower tile installation San Diego is affordable, can boost the resale value of your home, and can protect your home from some level of humidity or water damage.

    Any San Diego homeowner’s custom or luxury shower tile needs are possible with our tile installation pros. We take pride in exceeding expectations whenever possible, and we see custom designs as the place to shine! San Diego Tile Install Experts always hand selects the best crew for the job taking aspects such as time management and attention to detail, ensuring that each custom job is a resounding success.

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