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At Tile Install Experts San Diego we know that offering a wide range of services is critical. The needs of homeowners vary greatly throughout the San Diego area, and as tile professionals, we’d love to make your dream bathroom become a reality.  Without a doubt, tile flooring in a bathroom is the best option. Tiles typically are water-resistant and non-porous unless you choose an odd tile such as terracotta. We always encourage homeowners to evaluate the most durable and non-porous tile options for any bathroom tile installation because it guarantees the longevity of the tile and helps keep a cleaner environment.

Bathroom tile installation is not always a quick process; steps have to be taken to ensure it’s installed the right way. However, we work with purpose making each job efficient and high-quality.

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    Bathroom Tile Removal San Diego

    Bathroom Tile Replacement San Diego California

    Our San Diego Tile Installation contractors know all about working with broken, cracked or chipped tile flooring. Typically tile replacement or removal requires equipment that allows a professional to extract the tile without damaging the surrounding, unscathed tiles.

    Tile removal is a clean and relatively quick procedure with San Diego Tile Install Experts. As part of tile removal services, we ensure that the surfaces are clean and ready for any necessary tile replacement.

    Surprisingly, bathroom tile removal and replacement are affordable. With replacement services, we will match the design of your original tile to ensure that the replacement tile matches the rest of the flooring.

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    Bathroom Floor Tile Installation San Diego

    Bathroom floor tile is the best way to upgrade your bathroom while having a resounding impact on your home’s value. A tile bathroom floor can ensure that there’s no water damage and limit the effects of humidity.

    Typically, standard ceramic or porcelain tiles are common for bathroom floor tiles. But as people search for non-slip options, we see more travertine and quartzite appearing as bathroom flooring options as well.

    When working with bathroom floor installation, we focus on working quickly so the homeowner can have their bathroom back. We understand this room is vital to any household. However, that doesn’t mean that we can deviate from our tried and true tile installation process.

    Small Bathroom Tile Installation San Diego

    Bathroom Tile Installers San Diego california

    Small bathrooms and half-baths require special consideration when it comes to choosing the tile that’s best for the room. Tile can make these small rooms appear larger, but the wrong tile choice can have the opposite effect.

    We work with homeowners to find tile flooring, backsplash and counter solutions that can make these small rooms stand out! ​

    Master Bathroom Tile Installation San Diego

    Master bathrooms are a must-have in most homes these days, and the tile choice for any master bathroom must meet multiple needs. Master bathrooms should have non-slip and water-resistant flooring. But vanities or countertops should be easy to clean with smooth surfaces.

    Finally, for any homeowner who wants to tile the walls or inner-shower of their master bathroom, we encourage them to consider types of tile that have a resounding visual impact. We always consider the preferences of the homeowner, the duration of the installation time and the final goal when recommending tile options.

    Our staff can make your master bathroom a true spa experience that you’ll be happy to spend time in every day!

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